TPG Aged Care has been providing home support services to Perth’s  veteran community for well over 15 years under the Veterans Home Care (VHC) program.  Our services have been developed to assist veterans to live supported in their own homes.

Our services for Veterans include

  • Personal Care;
  • Domestic Assistance;
  • safety-related Home and Garden Maintenance; and
  • Respite Care.

Each of these services may be approved at various frequencies:

  • Personal Care — weekly, fortnightly;
  • Domestic Assistance — weekly, fortnightly;
  • safety-related Home and Garden Maintenance — fortnightly, 4 weekly, 13 weekly; and
  • Respite Care — weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly, 13 weekly.

Client Copayments are applicable for Personal Care, Domestic Assistance and safety-related Home and Garden Maintenance services. No copayment applies to Respite Care provided through the VHC Program.

Please contact VHC on 1300 550 450.


Clients Rights and Responsibilities
The Veteran has the right to:

  • be treated with dignity and respect
  • expect that their privacy and confidentiality are respected
  • receive appropriate services on the basis of the referral made by the assessment agency
  • retain the right to choose appropriate services
  • be informed of a complaints mechanism

The Veteran is responsible for:

  • the provision of appropriate equipment that meet relevant Occupational Health and Safety standards.
  • the maintenance and repair of all equipment

Professional. caring. Reliable.