Home Care Packages

TPG Aged Care have been providing care using a consumer directed approach since our inception in 1998. Since then we have shown consistent growth by understanding and meeting the needs of people who wish to live independently in their own home albeit with support from our staff. We believe that the most important aspect of our service is working together with consumers to understand their needs and having services delivered at regular times by regular workers and maintaining communication processes that meet the needs of the ageing person.

Whilst Consumer Directed Care is a new approach for some providers the underlying philosophy is not new to the management and staff of TPG Aged Care. The process we follow is well established and has proven successful in delivering effective care over the years.

With the legislative changes introduced in February 2017, TPG Aged Care is no able to work directly with the care recipient and their family to help deliver a better experience for the care recipient.

We are listed on the My Aged Care website under “TPG Aged Care”.

You can download a small brochure providing a bit more information about Home Care Packages.

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