Home Care

TPG Aged Care provides a range of service options that have been developed to assist people to live supported in their own homes.

We provide:

  • Personal Care,
  • Home Help,
  • Social support,
  • Respite Care ,
  • Transport Services, and
  • Gardening and Maintenance.

Personal Care – We manage the personal care needs of clients such as showering, shower assistance, grooming, application of compression stockings.

Gardening and Maintenance – trimming overgrown trees and shrubs, weeding, cleaning gutters, changing light bulbs etc.

Social Support – assisting the client with shopping, visits to doctors, dentists, hairderssers, correspondance and managing accounts etc.

Home Help – including vacuuming, mopping, dusting, cleaning out cupboards, ironing etc.

Respite Care – skilled caring personnel can take the role of the main carer on an hourly, daily, overnight or weekly basis. (Adults and Children)

Domestic assistance including:

  • shower, toilet, basin, bathtub, vacuuming, mopping floors
  • wipe out refrigerator and defrosting if required
  • clean microwave when required and cleaning kitchen cabinets

Other tasks if required and if time permits:

  • dishwashing
  • clothes washing and ironing
  • bed making
  • bill paying
  • shopping for client (not to take client)
  • cleaning internal windows
  • assistance with meal preparation

Home and garden maintenance including:

  • trimming shrubs and trees
  • lawnmowing (where it constitutes a safety hazard for the veteran)
  • cleaning gutters
  • replacing risers and sprinkler heads
  • cleaning windows, flyscreens and exhaust fans

Tasks NOT to be undertaken:

  • no cleaning up after pets
  • weeding

Experience has taught us it is extremely difficult to specify a definite service time due to availability of clients and last minute changes to schedules.

Due to the occupational health and safety responsibilities faced by our company it is sometimes necessary to have our maintenance men work in teams. This means that two men working for one hour would equate to a two hour service.


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